WABO Code Official Accreditation Program

Online course begins on September 25, 2017

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WABO has been working with South Seattle College to put together a three-year program to provide in-depth training for those who want to increase their knowledge of working in the public sector as a building code professional.
The second year of the WABO Code Official Accreditation Program will continue this Fall 2017. For those interested in starting the program, year one registrations will be accepted Fall 2017.

Enrollment in this three-year online program will help fill a continuing demand for qualified:

  • Permit Technicians
  • Building Inspectors
  • Plans Examiners

The first-in-the-nation college program designed to provide in-depth training unique to the State of Washington, which will give you an employment advantage anywhere in the State. Each year consists of three courses worth 9 credits.

 Year 1:  You will gain working knowledge of local city and county Permit Centers – Permit Technician

  • Administrative and legal aspects of working in the regulatory side of the construction industry
  • Customer service and communication basics at a public service center
  • Basic understanding  of construction codes
  • Optional for Accreditation - ICC Permit Technician Certification



For a detailed list of
Learning Objectives




Year 2: Field Application of Construction Codes – Building Inspector

  • Inspecting development at construction sites

  • Communication techniques with builders & contractors

  • Report writing and properly documenting permit records

  • Inspector-level knowledge of construction codes

  • Optional for Accreditation - ICC Residential & Commercial Building Inspector Certification

 Year 3: Construction Code Reviews of Permit Applications – Plans Examiner

  • Multi-discipline permitting, process and procedures

  • Technical writing and presentation development

  • Understanding the interaction of plans examiners and permit applicants    

  • Optional for Accreditation - ICC Residential & Commercial Plans Exmainer Certification 



Class Size is Limited – So Enroll Today!

Questions? Call (206) 934-7943 or email soar@seattlecolleges.edu

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