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Register with ICC For Group A by March 20, 2015

It’s time to register with ICC as your jurisdiction’s voting representative for Group A code development. The deadline to validate your eligibility to vote during the Online Assembly Floor Motions is March 20, 2015.  If you are an ICC member and register by the deadline, you are set for the year.  If you are an ICC member but you miss the March 20 deadline you can still vote at the Annual Business Meeting, Public Comment Hearing and Online Governmental Consensus Vote if you register by August 31, 2015

To register, complete the short online questionnaire found at: Click here.  It is that easy!

Group A code development includes IBC egress, fire safety and general, IRC mechanical and plumbing, IEBC, IFGC, IMC, IPC, IPMC, IPSDC, ISPSC, and IZC.  ICC is using its new electronic voting system called cdpACCESS. (http://www.iccsafe.org/cs/cdpACCESS/Pages/default.aspx) and all approved voting representatives will be able to vote online.

There are two date ranges to put on your calendar for online voting (both are in 2015):

May 11 to 22; this is the on-line voting period for floor motions made at the Committee Action Hearings in Memphis, TN.  You can read the code change and watch the testimony live online during the Committee Action Hearings or view it later during the May 11 to 22 voting period.

October 19 to 30; this is the on-line voting period for all final action proposals (those submitted via the Public Comment process).  You can read the public comment and watch the testimony live online during the Public Comment Hearings (September 30thto October 7th) or view it later during the October 19 to 30 voting period.

The WABO Technical Code Development Committee (TCD) will be studying the Group A Code proposals and will develop a list of those code changes we support, those we oppose and those we will be monitoring. We will publish the list on the WABO website in early May. See the revised 2015 TCD meeting Schedule at: http://www.wabo.org/code-development



2015 WABO Annual Education Institute

Registration is now available for the 2015 WABO Annual Education Institute, scheduled for March 23-26, 2015, at the Seattle Airport Marriott Hotel. Early bird rates expire February 13. Don't miss out on this important opportunity to attend training on subjects important to your career.

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ICC Code Cycle Discussion

WABO had the privilege of participating in the Code Cycle Roundtable discussion held in Washington, D.C., where various interest groups discussed the code cycle problem facing ICC. At that meeting, several stakeholder viewpoints were shared relating to the process of code adoption in this country. WABO provided the following letter with some observations. A copy of the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) report "Maintaining vs. Extending the Current Code Adoption Cycle" follows.

Click here to read WABO letter

Click here for Report by NIBS


WABO Details Available

Thanks to LG Nelson, the first batch of WABO details are now available for downloading. 

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Code Official Apprenticeship Program (COAP)

WABO is currently working on funding for the apprenticeship program. Once funding is in place, information on how to become involved either as an apprentice or a hiring jurisdiction will be posted on this website. We are very excited to get the program up and running so we can provide a well-trained workforce for the future. If you are interested in receiving more information when it becomes available, please email the WABO office with your contact information (wabo@wabo.org).


WABO Mentoring Program

Several generous WABO members have volunteered to be a mentor for their colleagues across the state. If you have questions, concerns or just want to run something by a person who may have once been in your shoes, feel free to call on any of the folks listed.

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Emergency Management Mutual Aid Toolbox

Apply to become an Emergency Responder

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WABO Membership

The Washington Association of Building Officials
(WABO) was incorporated in 1977 to promote building codes and standards that safeguard the public health and safety; advise on legislative matters; assist in the development of national and state codes; provide educational opportunities for its members; and preserve local government control of code administration.

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