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WABO/SEAW Liaison Committee

White Papers


Committee Mission Statement:

• Improve communications between the public jurisdictions that administer building codes and the engineering design community that prepares construction documents.

• Improve consistency and quality of engineering submittals and project reviews.

• Build consensus between the engineering design community and building officials with regard to code interpretation and submittal requirements.

 WABO Committee Members: Chris Ricketts, Jerry Barbera, Jon Siu, Dan Sully, Lee Kranz


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Guideline - Structural Plan Review Philosophy

WP-2 Wet Sealing and Signing of Structural Submittals


Guideline for Determining Wind Loads on Structures

WP-4 Structural Permit Submittal Guidelines

WP-5 Guideline - Post-Disaster Contract Safety Evaluations

WP-6a Phased Permit Approvals


Seismic Design and Gravity Support Requirements for Nonstructural Components

WP-8 Guidelines for Determining Snow Loads in Washington State


Threaded Rod Holdown Systems In Wood Frame Buildings


 Guards and Connections

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