WABO Accredited Code Official Program

WABO recognizes and supports the jurisdictions, agencies, and individuals responsible for safeguarding life, health and property and promoting public welfare through the administration and enforcement of the codes. WABO is committed to enhancing and increasing the professional administration of codes by promoting and supporting the qualifications, technical knowledge and credentials of code officials.
WABO believes that local jurisdictions’ code enforcement responsibilities are best administered by qualified code officials. WABO believes local authorities should appoint qualified individuals and that recognized qualifications for all code enforcement personnel should be applied throughout the state. 
In response to concerns of the state legislative bodies, WABO supports and encourages professional accreditation for code officials to demonstrate qualification to administer state and local codes. Towards that end, WABO proposes to establish a WABO Accredited Code Official Program.
The accreditation program demonstrates that the accredited code official has passed a WABO approved examination that covers Washington laws related to state building codes including, but not limited to, administrative procedures, architectural barriers, and Washington amendments to the administrative codes. It is intended that each jurisdiction employ a building official that meets certain minimum requirements, as specified herein. WABO is committed to supporting individual jurisdictions throughout the state in acquiring WABO accreditation.

The RCWs covered in the ACO exam:

  • RCW 18.27
  • RCW 19.27
  • RCW 19.27A
  • WAC 51-04

This accreditation program is voluntary and seeks to validate the individual requirements to work as a code official in the State of Washington. It does not intend to create separate classes of members within the organization, depending on whether one is accredited or not. The accreditation of building officials is encouraged to provide recognized professional credentials for code officials, qualification standards for code enforcement agencies, and greater safety for citizens.

Accredited Code Official Application Packet


Congratulations to the
WABO Accredited Code Officials!

Gary Schenk, CBO, ACO
City of SeaTac

C. Andrew Higgins, CBO, ACO
City of Seattle

Willie Hill, CBO, ACO
BHC Consultants

Kurt Aldworth, CBO, ACO
City of Kirkland

Michael Barth, MCP, ACO
CodePros, LLC

Trace Justice, CBO, ACO
Snohomish County

Gregory Colvig, CBO, ACO
Retired - City of Pullman

Mary Kate McGee, CBO, ACO
City of SeaTac

L. G. Nelson, CBO, ACO
Timberland Regional Library

Dave Cantrell, ACO
Retired - Seattle King County Public Health

Pete Rambow, CBO, ACO
Retired - City of Tacoma

Randy Vissia, CBO, ACO
Retired - Spokane County

S. Kelly Mayo, CBO, ACO
Labor & Industries

C. Ray Allshouse, CBO, AIA, ACO
City of Shoreline

Tim Nordtvedt, CBO, ACO
City of Granite Falls

David Spencer, CBO, ACO
Chelan County

Jon Siu, PE, SE, ACO
City of Seattle

Sheila Salerno, CFCO, CBO, ACO
City of Poulsbo 

Lee Kranz, CBO, ACO
City of Bellevue 

Thomas Phillips, CBO, ACO
Town of Woodway

Dean Giles, AIA, ACO
City of Spokane

Gary Lampella, ACO
City of Warden

Sean Carlstrom, CBO, ACO
City of Shelton

Stacy Criswell, CBO, ACO
City of Monroe 

Dermott Murphy, CBO, MCP, ACO
City of Spokane



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