Share Your Spare with Jay Elbettar

Jay Elbettar is a superhero to his family, a devoted father to his children, a loving husband to his wife, an amazing brother, a passionate teacher, a visionary, a loyal public service official, and a past president of the International Code Council. But at the age of 61 years old, Jay has been diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease. His family is asking for help from friends, acquaintances, and his sphere of influences in hopes to give Jay the gift of life by being his living kidney donor. By completing a 10 minute confidential donor match eligibility questionnaire, you are taking the necessary first steps in saving his life.  Please see Tess Elbettar flyer for details.

Written Request by Tess Elbettar:

Hi All,

As some of you may know, Jay has been dealing with some health issues over the last 8 months.  For those of you who don't, please allow me to briefly explain.  

In November of 2018, Jay went for a regular annual physical.  At that time, he discovered that one of his blood tests wasn't great and his doctor wanted him to see a specialist.  This specialist is for kidney function.  At the time Jay's kidney function wasn't fantastic but not really any cause for huge concern.  Since then, his kidney function has declined and Jay has now been referred to a transplant center.  His decline has been substantial, but thankfully not enough to need dialysis yet.  Jay has started his evaluation with the transplant center and we hope to have his case before the panel by the end of July for recommendation to be placed on the deceased donor transplant list.  The goal is to get a transplant before dialysis because over all it is easier on the body but obviously they will start dialysis if his body just can't do it anymore.

You all have been our friends and have become our family over these past 10 years.  We are trying to get the word out as much as possible and trying as many places as possible to spread the word.  Besides being placed on the deceased donor list, another great and viable option is a living donor.  We need your thoughts and prayers over these next several critical months and honestly, years as we seek treatment and care for Jay.  If there is any chance besides your thoughts and prayers that you can help us spread the word...we will be forever grateful.

I am working on a Facebook page to help reach further than we currently are, but I have attached a flyer we are using in the meantime for you to see and share if you feel that is something you can do.  Once the Facebook page is finished, I will share and am asking now for your help in sharing the link there as well.

I am truly sorry to drop this bomb on you all in this written manner, but Jay needs help and he will need it quickly, so I needed to do it this way.  I appreciate all your prayers for his healing and his health in advance.  You have worked side by side with Jay over these years and you all mean a lot to him and he is eternally grateful for your prayers as well.

Many of you we will see in July and all of you we will see in October.  We look forward to seeing your smiling faces and having a great time as we always do together.

With immense gratitude and warmest regards to you all,

Tess Elbettar

(949) 929-8650