New director takes over at State Building Code Council

Tim Nogler retires after two decades of service

For the first time in 21 years, the state agency in charge of how buildings are constructed has a new managing director.

Tim Nogler, the managing director of the Washington State Building Code Council since 1996, retired Tuesday.

Fully taking the reins this week is Richard Brown, a fourth-generation Washingtonian who comes in from the state Parks and Recreation Commission.

Decades of leadership

Over his decades at the State Building Code Council, Nogler led the agency’s transition from using the Uniform Building Code to the International Building Code, a modernizing shift that required an act of the Legislature in 2003. The national codes are updated every three years by a central agency, and the state Council’s role is to make alterations to Washington’s code accordingly. 

New director

In his new role, Brown will oversee the rulemaking process required to adopt state building codes and meet legislative mandates, including participation by advisory groups. The managing director also oversees the Council staff and provides analysis of emerging technologies to support code decisions that have a statewide impact.

Brown says he is excited to step into his new role.

Brown, who started at the Council earlier in October, comes in from a much larger agency. As capital program manager for the state Parks and Recreation Commission, he oversaw an $80 million budget and 40 workers.

“I look at it as just as exciting and just as challenging,” Brown said of his new role.

He pointed to his training and decade of work as an architect before Parks. Prior to working as an architect, Brown taught planning theory at the University of Washington and other higher education institutions.

“I found my people,” he said of the Council. “During the interview, one of the State Building Code Council members was on the interview panel and asked ‘Why are you interested in this job?’ and really had a sincere look on her face. I said, ‘Well, in my very soul, I am a code nerd.’

“I was probably one of the few in architecture school that thought the code section was the interesting part,” he added.

Enterprise Services Contracts, Procurement and Risk Management Director Farrell Presnell said Brown is a welcome addition to the staff.

“His background and qualifications equip him well for this role,” Presnell said, “not to mention his great enthusiasm for the subject matter at hand.”


If you have any further questions, please contact Council staff at (360) 407-9280.

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