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WABO/SEAW Liaison Committee

White Papers


Committee Mission Statement:

• Improve communications between the public jurisdictions that administer building codes and the engineering design community that prepares construction documents.

• Improve consistency and quality of engineering submittals and project reviews.

• Build consensus between the engineering design community and building officials with regard to code interpretation and submittal requirements.

 WABO Committee Members: Chris Ricketts, Jon Siu, Lee Kranz, Cheryl Burwell.


Structural Plan Review Philosophy - Article by WABO/SEAW Committee

Structural Plan Review Philosophy - A WABO/SEAW White Paper #1 Tune Up


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Guideline - Structural Plan Review Philosophy

WP-2 Wet Sealing and Signing of Structural Submittals


Guideline for Determining Wind Loads on Structures

WP-4 Structural Permit Submittal Guidelines

WP-5 Guideline - Post-Disaster Contract Safety Evaluations

WP-6a Phased Permit Approvals


Deferred Submittals


Seismic Design and Gravity Support Requirements for Nonstructural Components

WP-8 Guidelines for Determining Snow Loads in Washington State


Threaded Rod Holdown Systems In Wood Frame Buildings


 Guards and Connections


Designing for Heavy Vehicle Loads on underground vaults, bridges, buildings and structures

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