2014 Washington State Legislature


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Final Report
by Amy Brackenbury, WABO Lobbyist

The 2014 Legislature adjourned on time last week after passing a supplemental budget and leaving several other major issues unresolved until next year. The Legislature could not reach agreement on a Transportation budget and gas tax package – for the second year in a row – and no Capital Budget was approved for the first time since 1996.

Although WABO’s top priority issues were also not adopted by the Legislature this year, committee chairs in the House and Senate committed to continuing work to evaluate the adoption and enforcement of the electrical code during the interim. During the interim planning sessions for the House Local Government Committee and the Senate Commerce & Labor Committee, WABO pressed members to consider options for moving forward with the code official training program, and urged the committees to review suggestions for changes to the State Building Code Council and TAG process.  These issues will all likely be the subject of interim review and/or committee work over the next several months.



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