WABO Code Development Schedule

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WABO TCD Group B Cycle Voting Guide



All meetings (except those held during the WABO quarterly meetings) will be held at Bellevue City Hall from 1 to 4 PM.  Remote access will be provided; log in by CLICKING HERE.  Conference call  800-371-9219 Conference ID: 783-973-2

CLICK HERE for link to ICC code development page. 

CLICK HERE for link to ICC Voter Validation page.

 2016 Work Item:  ICC Group B (Admin, IBC-S, IECC-Comml, IECC/IRC – Res Energy, IRC - B, IFC, IWUIC)



Online PCH Membership Voting Period

TBD December, 2015

Final Actions for all Group A Code Changes published


TCD meetings (Group B proposals)

November 30

December 14

December 21

January 4, 2016


Group B proposals due

January 11

State publishes 2015 codes

Approx January 11 (opening day of legislature)

WABO winter meeting

January 29

Group A online government consensus voting

February 8-21

Committee Action Hearing (CAH) Schedule Posted

February 23

Group B code change proposals posted

March 8

TCD meetings (prep for CAH)

March 14

March 21 - CANCELLED

March 28

April 4

April 11

Deadline to validate eligibility to vote: CAH on line assembly vote, ABM, PCH, and Online Governmental Consensus Vote


WABO Spring Meeting (Leavenworth)

April 14-15

Group B Committee Action Hearings (CAH) Louisville, KY

April 17 – 27

TCD Meeting (finalize voting recommendations)

May 2

Online CAH Assembly Floor Motion Voting period

Approx. May 11 – 24

Report of CAH posted

June 1

TCD meetings (prep public comments)

June 6

June 20

July 18

WABO Annual Business Meeting (Blaine)

July 14-15

Public comments due

July 22

Public Comment Hearing (PCH) Schedule posted

August 26

Public Comment Agenda posted

September 9

TCD meetings (prep for hearings)

September 19

September 26

October 3

WABO Fall Meeting (Spokane)

Oct 13-14

Public Comment Hearings (Kansas City, MO)

October 19 - 25

TCD meeting (finalize voting recommendations)

October 31

Public Comment Hearing results posted

November 2

Online Governmental Consensus Voting

Approx. Nov 8 – 21

Summary of Final Action Group B Code Changes posted

Approx. December 6


TCD Code Development Process Power Point





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