WABO Code Official Accreditation Program


WABO has been working with South Seattle College to put together a three-year program to provide in-depth training for those who want to increase their knowledge of working in the public sector as a building code professional.

Enrollment in this three-year online program will help fill a continuing demand for qualified:

  • Permit Technicians
  • Building Inspectors
  • Plans Examiners

The first-in-the-nation college program designed to provide in-depth training unique to the State of Washington, which will give you an employment advantage anywhere in the State. Each year consists of three courses worth 9 credits.

 Year 1:  You will gain working knowledge of local city and county Permit Centers – Permit Technician

  • Administrative and legal aspects of working in the regulatory side of the construction industry
  • Customer service and communication basics at a public service center
  • Basic understanding  of construction codes
  • Optional for Accreditation - ICC Permit Technician Certification



For a detailed list of
Learning Objectives




Year 2: Field Application of Construction Codes – Building Inspector

  • Inspecting development at construction sites

  • Communication techniques with builders & contractors

  • Report writing and properly documenting permit records

  • Inspector-level knowledge of construction codes

  • Optional for Accreditation - ICC Residential & Commercial Building Inspector Certification

 Year 3: Construction Code Reviews of Permit Applications – Plans Examiner

  • Multi-discipline permitting, process and procedures

  • Technical writing and presentation development

  • Understanding the interaction of plans examiners and permit applicants    

  • Optional for Accreditation - ICC Residential & Commercial Plans Exmainer Certification 



Interested in Enrolling - click here 

Questions? Call (206) 934-5804 or email Mary.Lockman@seattlecolleges.edu

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