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WABO TCD Voting Guide Now Available

The online voting process for the 2021 ICC Group B code changes is now open!  Voting ends on Friday, December 6, 2019. 
We’ve included a link below of what the WABO Technical Code Development Committee (TCD) considers to be the most important issues, along with their recommendations on how to vote.

The suggestions contained in the WABO recommendations (final vote) are the opinions of WABO TCD members who were in attendance at the ICC Hearings and are being provided to you as recommendations only. Your vote counts. If all WABO Governmental Voting members vote, it will have a significant impact on the 2021 I-Codes. 

For WABO recommendations click here.

You can access the on-line voting on ICC's cdpAccess page. 


WABO 2020 Winter Committee Meeting

Registration for the 2020 Winter Committee meeting is now available.  The meeting is scheduled for January 30,2020 at Pellegrino's Event Center in Tumwater, WA.  We are once again planning a trip to the capitol to visit legislators in the morning to request their support for WABO issues.

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Caution: Manufacturer’s catalog and website data may not be consistent with the testing data

Recently discrepancies have been found between the testing data and the information reflected in the manufacturer’s product data.  Engineers and building officials should be aware that engineering values used in design and construction must be installed in accordance with the approved listing and conform to the values listed in the code approved third-party testing report.  If differences of values exist between published manufactured values and testing reports, the test reports shall govern.   “These discrepancies have mostly been changes made in the field and the engineer of record (EOR) and the building inspector may not be aware of the problem” said Bellevue Building Code Plan Review Supervisor Lee Kranz.  It is important to confirm that the testing data derived from the approved testing agency is used to determine the code required design.


WABO 2019 Fall Business Meeting

Over 60 members gathered at Heathman's Lodge in Vancouver for the Fall Quarterly Business Meeting on October 17-18, 2019.  An impressive number of scholarship winners and first timers attended and were able to network with their colleagues from around Washington.

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WABO Membership

The Washington Association of Building Officials (WABO) was incorporated in 1977 to promote building codes and standards that safeguard the public health and safety; advise on legislative matters; assist in the development of national and state codes; provide educational opportunities for its members; and preserve local government control of code administration.

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Factory Assembled Structures (FAS) Program 

Kelly Mayo - Washington State Dept. of Labor & Industries 

L & I frequently receives inquiries regarding the rules and requirements for "tiny homes." An informative website page has been developed to help assist jurisdictions. 

Click here to view tiny home resource page