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WABO 2018 Fall Quarterly Business Meeting

Registration for the 2018 WABO Fall Quarterly Business Meeting is now open.  The meeting is scheduled for October 11-12, 2018, at the Marcus Whitman in Walla Walla, WA.    Don't wait to reserve your room as the WABO block ends on September 10, 2018, with a special rate of $139.  If this is your first meeting, sign up for a WABO scholarship which covers your registration and a two-night hotel stay.  

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ICC's Electronic Voter Validation Deadline 

Voting Representatives must have their credentials validated by September 24 in order to fully participate in the 2018 Annual Business Meeting, Public Comment Hearings, and Online Governmental Consensus Vote. Primary Representatives of current Governmental Members can click here to login and validate your Governmental Member Voting Representatives. This opportunity is for Governmental Member Voting Representatives whose voting credentials have not yet been validated for 2018 or whose voting rosters need to be changed.

For information, contact ICC Member Services at [email protected] or call 888-422-7233 (x33804). If you want to view videos from the 2018 Group A Committee Action Hearings, they are now available, streaming here for free. And if you want to review the official summary of the 2018 Group A Committee Action Hearings, click here.



Local Contractor Subject to State Audit

A concrete contractor accused of botching multiple jobs in a Puyallup neighborhood is now the subject of a State audit.  Kiro 7's Jesse Jones first reported on the contractor who did more than $100,000 worth of work in Puyallup's Manorwood neighborhood.  Homeowners showed videos of several people wearing the contractors shirt.  Labor & Industries said the company did not have any registered workers with the agency at the time the work was done.  The state has opened an audit of the company.

Click here to see initial Jesse Jones report

Click here to see follow up Jesse Jones report



WABO Chatline - Online Discussion Forum

Are you participating in the WABO chatline?  WABO believes in the importance of communicating with your fellow code officials across the state and the chatline is one resource that can help accomplish that goal.
There are two separate chatlines established for the membership:

The WABO ALL Group - is open to members and associates who are engaged in the development, enforcement and administration of building construction codes and ordinances and other items that affect the building construction industry.

The WABO Building Official Group – is limited to Building Officials working for Governmental Jurisdictions in the State of Washington.

Interested in joining?  Please e-mail Camie at [email protected] .



WABO 2018 Spring Business Meeting

Members from around the state gathered at the Enzian Inn in Leavenworth for the WABO Spring Quarterly Business Meeting on May 3-4, 2018.  A record number of WABO members attended and were able to network with their collegues from around Washington.

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WAsafe Achieves Monumental Accomplishment

WABO’s Emergency Management committee has been working since 2011 to help establish Washington State’s building safety responder program.  Through their efforts WAsafe (WAshington Safety Assessment of Facilities Evaluators) was formed.  WAsafe  is a coalition comprised of WABO, SEAW, and AIA Washington whose mission is to train, enroll, and aid in the dispatch of volunteer building safety evaluators to help local building officials in Washington respond to disasters.  Through a historic cooperative effort between WA State Emergency Management Division (EMD) and WAsafe a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been established.  The MOU formally recognizes WAsafe as a resource the State can (and presumably, will) call upon to send volunteers to areas /jurisdictions affected by disasters. The MOU also establishes EMD’s central role in coordination of distribution of resources (volunteers) and WAsafe’s responsibility to maintain emergency response coordinators and continued training for agencies and WAsafe volunteers.  To read  the full MOU, please click here.




ICC Value of the Code Official Toolkit

The Value of the Code Official toolkit builds awareness about building safety and encourages young professionals to join the industry.

The International Code Council launches a new online resource, the Value of the Code Official toolkit. This toolkit helps government officials, Code Council members and others build awareness for the code official’s significant role within their communities.

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 Code Forum Topics – Share your ideas for Code Forum Topics now!  

For those who have not attended a WABO Quarterly meeting before, the Code Forum is a standing agenda item where participants discuss technical, process, administrative and other issues pertaining to the building code enforcement profession.  Now you can share your ideas for Code Forum topics before you get to the quarterly meetings via WABO’s interactive email server designed specifically to let you write down your Code Forum ideas before you forget them. 

To view Code Forum topics currently on the list, please move your mouse over the Code Development Tab and a box will appear to the right for Code Forum.  Click Code Forum to enter.

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Factory Assembled Structures (FAS) Program

Kelly Mayo - Washington State Dept. of Labor & Industries

With the gaining popularity of "tiny homes", Labor & Industries presented an informative presentation on the growing industries of food trucks and timy homes manufacturing. Several changes were discussed, including a new web page added to the Factory Assembled Structures web site, a new Advisory Committee, and chnages to State Law 9HB 2443). Please click on the below link to view the complete presentation.

Click to view Presentation

L & I frequently receives inquiries regarding the rules and requirements for "tiny homes." An informative handout has been developed to help assist jurisdictions.

Clik here to view handout



WABO Mentoring Program

Several generous WABO members have volunteered to be a mentor for their colleagues across the state. If you have questions, concerns or just want to run something by a person who may have once been in your shoes, feel free to call on any of the folks listed.

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Emergency Management Mutual Aid Toolbox

Apply to become an Emergency Responder

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WABO Membership

The Washington Association of Building Officials
(WABO) was incorporated in 1977 to promote building codes and standards that safeguard the public health and safety; advise on legislative matters; assist in the development of national and state codes; provide educational opportunities for its members; and preserve local government control of code administration.

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