Chair – Brian Smith, CBO, ACO – City of Camas


To facilitate formulation and maintenance of building construction certification and registration programs in terms of performance and nationally accepted standards.


  • Provide technical advice to the executive board and certification programs manager on WABO certification programs (e.g. special inspector certification, welder certification, et. al.)
  • Provide technical advice the the executive board and registration programs manager on all WABO registration programs (e.g. special inspection registration, et. al.)
  • Create new special inspection programs and categories (e.g. Fire Stop certification, Steel Fabricator Registration) as new processes come forward
  • Review new types of construction (e.g. CLT) for special inspection program needs
  • Complaint resolution regarding special inspectors, agencies, and welders
  • Meet regularly with the C&R committee at WABO meeting and with the sub-committees (e.g. SIRP, Weld Advisory Committee, et. al.)
  • Conduct review of WABO certification and registration programs every three years and provide recommendation to the executive board and certification and registration program manager


With the introduction of new materials and new methods of construction, it is important to keep up. The Certification and Registration Committee has been able to bring two new special inspection categories (Steel Fabrication Registration and Fire-Resistant Penetrations and Joints Certification) to the members to help bring WABO in line with the IBC requirements. The work of the Welding Advisory Committee, SIRP Committee and the sub-committee for the Fire Stop are the different committees that do the work. With new technologies/materials coming out every year, we need to continue the work to stay ahead. Working on one of these committees will help you to keep up and gain information on what is coming.