Board of Directors and Other WABO Representatives 

Travel Expense Reimbursement Policies

Updated April 2017

WABO Expense Reimbursement Form

Expense Form Submittal Examples


This policy establishes guidelines and procedures for the use of WABO funds to reimburse members and member jurisdictions for expenses incurred while travelling on WABO business.  The WABO Executive Board is establishing this guideline in recognition of their fiduciary responsibility to be good stewards of WABO funds. 

I.            PURPOSE:

              The purpose of WABO reimbursement of travel expenses for members of the Board of Directors and other members representing
              WABO is to:

              A.                 Enable eligible WABO members to participate in events that enhance the WABO image, profile, or influence;

              B.                 Enable increased WABO participation in meetings of other related organizations; and

              C.                 Ease the burden of cost on jurisdictions or individual members to participate on the WABO Executive Board

II.            ELIGIBILITY:

               A.                Individuals eligible to receive reimbursement of travel expenses must be all of the following:

                                  1.                  For reimbursement for travel to WABO Executive Board meetings, a member of the WABO Executive Board
                                                       in accordance with the WABO Bylaws, or an invited guest.

                                  2.                  For all other travel, recognized or appointed by the President as a WABO representative;

                                  3.                  A WABO member in good standing or an employee of a jurisdiction who is a member of WABO;

                                  4.                  An active participant in the business of WABO, as demonstrated by participation in the WABO committees or
                                                       by regular attendance at the WABO business meetings;

                                  5.                  A registered International Code Council Governmental Member Voting Representative (GMVR) for their
                                                       jurisdiction, if eligible.

               B.                 Individual eligibility requirements may be waived, as appropriate, by a majority vote of the WABO Officers.


                A.                Reimbursement is permitted for reasonable travel expenses for WABO representatives to attend events including but not
                                    limited to:

                                   1.                  WABO Executive Board meetings;

                                   2.                  International Code Council Annual Business Meeting and leadership events; or

                                   3.                  Meetings of other related organizations (OBOA, WPLBO, Region II, Washington State Emergency
                                                        Management Council, State Building Code Council, etc.)

                B.                The funds are permitted to be used to pay for reasonable unreimbursed expenses such as transportation, meals, non
                                    -alcoholic beverages, and lodging.

                                    1.                  Non-essential expenses, such as alcoholic beverages or entertainment, are not reimbursable.

                                    2.                  Air travel will be reimbursed at cost for coach fare.  Reimbursement recipients are expected to book in
                                                         advance to take advantage of lower prices.

                                    3.                  Lodging expense will be reimbursed at cost, not to exceed the event rate.

                                    4.                  Reimbursable automobile expenses will be paid for use of personal vehicles at the current GSA approved
                                                         rate.  Mileage will be based on internet map data.

                                    5.                  Other transportation costs, such as parking, tolls, bus, or taxi will be reimbursed at cost.

                                    6.                  Reimbursements are permitted for meals consumed while attending or travelling to and from the event or
                                                         meeting.  The total meal reimbursement shall be based on the Federal per diem rate for the location of the
                                                         event.  Reimbursements shall only cover actual meals consumed.  Meals provided as a part of the event or
                                                         meeting shall not be reimbursed.

                C.                 Miscellaneous expenses, essential to the transaction of WABO business, will be reimbursed at cost.

                D.                WABO will not reimburse expenses for which funds are received from other sources.

                E.                 Other financially reasonable arrangements may be approved by the WABO Office in consultation with the President as

IV.            PROCESS

                A.                Prior to reimbursement, and within 30 days of the end of travel, the recipient shall provide the WABO Office with the
                                   following documentation:

                                   1.                  A signed copy of the WABO Expense Reimbursement form.

                                   2.                  A copy of the meeting/event agenda.

                                   3.                  Copies of receipts for all expenses to be reimbursed.  Receipts for meal expenses are not required to be
                                                        submitted to the WABO office for reimbursement.

                                   4.                  Internet map data to support mileage reimbursement.

               B.                 The WABO Office will issue the reimbursement funds after travel is complete. 

                                   1.                  The WABO Office may reimburse for airfare prior to actual travel, upon receipt of a reimbursement form and
                                                        a copy of the receipt.

                                   2.                  The WABO Office may deny reimbursement for non-allowable or unreasonable expenses.



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