WABO Special Inspection Registration Program

WABO Registered Special Inspectors

The WABO Special Inspection Registration Program is intended to provide building departments with the means to meet the obligation imposed on the building official to approve special inspectors. The International Building Code (IBC) specifies that "the special inspector shall be a qualified person who shall demonstrate his/her competence to the satisfaction of the building official, for inspection of the particular type of construction or operation requiring special inspection."

This voluntary registration program is designed to provide a means of documenting special inspection and testing qualifications and competency in the various types of work cited in the IBC.

The program provides the means for special inspection agencies and/or special inspectors to demonstrate competency to a consistent set of criteria as specified in the IBC, and establishes a roster that building officials in Washington can refer to determine if an agency or individual has met recognized criteria to perform special inspections in the areas required for each individual project.

The program provides for registration in the following categories:

  • Reinforced Concrete (RC)
  • Prestressed Concrete (PC)
  • Shotcrete (SC)
  • Structural Masonry (SM)
  • Structural Steel and Bolting (SSB)
  • Structural Welding (SW)
  • Spray-Applied Fire-Resistive Materials (FP)
  • Structural Wood (SWD)
  • Structural Wood W/ Mass Timber (SWD*)
  • Cold-Formed Steel Framing (CF)
  • Placement Inspector (PI)
  • Post-Installed Anchors (PA)
  • Fire-Resistant Penetrations and Joints (FS)