WABO Code Official Accreditation Program

Everyone deserves to live and work in safe structures. Do your part by finding a rewarding career in protecting the public as a building code administrator. Enroll in this four-year, Washington State licensed, completely online program to fill a continuing demand for qualified:


The WABO Code Official Accreditation Program (COAP) is designed to provide in-depth training tailored to prepare individuals for positions within Washington State building departments. This four-year, Washington State licensed, completely online program awards a certificate upon satisfactory completion of each year (three quarters per year) for a total of four certificates. By completing International Code Council certifications, individuals have the opportunity of gaining Accreditation through the Washington Association of Building Officials (WABO).

Year 1:  Working Knowledge of City and County Permit Centers - Permit Technician
  • Administrative and legal aspects of working in the regulatory side of the construction industry
  • Customer service and communication basics at a public service center
  • Basic understanding of construction codes
Year 2:  Field Application of Construction Codes - Building Inspector
  • Inspecting development at construction sites
  • Communication techniques with builders and contractors
  • Report writing and properly documenting permit records
  • Inspector-level knowledge of construction codes
Year 3:  Construction Code Reviews of Permit Applications – Plans Examiner
  • Multi-discipline permitting, process and procedures
  • Technical writing and presentation development
  • Understanding the interaction of plans examiners and permit applicants
Year 4:  Building Department Administration, Legal Considerations, and Operations – Building Official 
  • Detailed overview of complex governmental organization and legal environment surrounding building safety regulation
  • Examine governmental structures and law making at the local, state, and federal level
  • Understanding structure, budgeting, employee relations, records management, customer service, technical competency
  • Types of leadership, personal attributes, diversity, communication, team-building, collaboration, and education
Class Size Is Limited - Open Enrollment Begins May 6, 2024
Fall Classes Begin September 9, 2024
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2024 - 2025 COURSE CATALOG