Chair – Ryan Mumma, CBO, ACO – City of Bellevue


The mission of the Emergency Management Committee is to support members in the development, implementation, and maintenance of comprehensive emergency management plans and procedures to effectively respond to events and expedite recovery. The overall goal of this mission is to help safeguard the lives and property of the people of Washington State and minimize disruption during emergencies through careful planning, coordination, and resource management.


The Emergency Management Committee is a committee of the Washington Association of Building Officials (WABO) tasked with facilitating the development of member jurisdictions’ emergency response & recovery efforts through information or resource sharing between member jurisdictions and other state or regional stakeholders. The committee is responsible to act as a liaison to represent and inform the membership in the efforts of various government agencies, local authorities, nonprofit organizations, and other stakeholders involved in emergency response and recovery.


  • Support members in the creation, implementation, and maintenance of an emergency response plan for their Building Department and their staff for responding to disasters within their jurisdictions.
  • Promote and coordinate disaster response training and emergency exercises.
  • Support the WAsafe Coalition in developing and maintaining a registry of qualified volunteer building safety evaluators who would be available to perform building safety evaluations following a disaster by:
    • Active participation in WAsafe Steering Committee meetings and projects.
    • Promotion of the WAsafe program, goals, and training with government agencies, local building officials and emergency managers, and other stakeholders.
    • Promoting recruitment of new building safety evaluators
  • Establish WABO as an active participant in statewide disaster mitigation planning.
    • Continued participation with EMC, EMD, EMAC, and other stakeholders.
  • Provide information, and assistance to all regional stakeholders, when requested, regarding jurisdictional roles in emergency response.


Every individual in the state has a stake in preparing for a disaster as a group of inspection professionals with unique and indispensable skills your participation is a key and necessary in the advancement of WABO's emergency management goals. Emergency management is at a key and pivotal point as the governor has provided a public emphasis on disaster preparation via the Resilient Washington initiative. We need a collaborate effort, with your contributions, to make sure we meet the needs of the jurisdiction. This preparedness will assist WABO in meeting our public obligations as a profession in each community of the State. Yet, to meet these increasing demands for preparedness, our system must continue to develop the tools necessary to assist your jurisdiction and prepare you to serve our neighbors. You each understand the vital role that emergency management planning plays in our community – contributing to public safety, reducing the impacts on shelters, and economic redevelopment. That is why I am inviting you to become a member of Emergency Management Committee formed to promote greater awareness and support for our community’s and working with our local, state, and federal officials.