Chair – Stacy Criswell, CBO, ACO – City of Monroe


To provide leadership that energizes and encourages the development of the Association’s membership & provide products and services that improve Uniformity, Communications, Participation, and the Improvement of Code Administration.


  • Investigate development of a 'building official mentor-protégé program
  • Coordinate any International Building Safety Week activities
  • Review option for increasing membership participation in WABO activities
  • Develop a system for maintaining communication with liaisons
  • Investigate, develop, and coordinate other new programs as needed, which may include: 1. Promote information on role and responsibilities of the building official; 2. Investigate development of a "building department/operations peer review program"; 3. Provide assistance to building officials on building department issues; 4. Collect data of value to building officials in the conduct of their responsibilities; 5. Analyze current award and recognition programs; 6. Coordinate recognition of member jurisdiction accomplishments; 7. Investigate establishment of a code administration and enforcement practices information database; 8. Investigate development and maintenance of a local and building department policies and procedures information database


The Outreach Committee is the cornerstone of WABO. Without members, WABO is just an idea. This committee not only energizes and encourages the membership but facilitates the growth of new members and sponsors. The relationships that are built by being a part of WABO starts with the initial contact that is provided by the Outreach Committee. Members who participate in this committee will enjoy the accomplishment of taking WABO into the future.