Washington State Safety Assessment Facility Evaluators

 WAsafe Online Refresher Course

If your WAsafe Building Safety Evaluator (BSE) badge has expired within the last twelve (12) months or will expire in the next twelve (12) months, you can continue your registration in the program by taking the online refresher course or an in-person WAsafe BSE class.

If you choose to take the online refresher course WAsafe estimates it will take three to four hours to complete the Refresher Course and the accompanying final exam. You can complete this course on your own schedule by breaking the training into multiple sessions. However, you can only start the Final Exam once; you cannot break the Final Exam into multiple sessions. Completing the course and scoring at least 80% on the final exam will qualify you to renew your WAsafe Building Safety Evaluator (BSE) enrollment, which will be valid for another five (5) years.

The online course consists of eight (8) modules. Once you complete all eight modules, you are required to take and pass the 25-question final exam to qualify for renewal of your WAsafe BSE enrollment. A passing score is 20 points out of a possible 25 (80%).

Thank you for your continued involvement in WAsafe! We hope you find this course to be informative and helpful in remembering what is involved in being a WAsafe BSE.

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